Are You Getting Married?

Congratulations, what an exciting time for you and your partner! To add some extra magic, why not design some bespoke wedding stationery for you and your guests? LAMB offers personalised wedding stationery designed, printed and put together especially for your special day.

At LAMB we appreciate good quality stationery and we love a wedding! We create custom wedding and event stationery and can offer you and your partner a specialised package that includes the design work, printing and of course putting it all together for your wedding day. From experience, we’ve learned that wedding invitations often become keepsakes saved by friends and family and we are proud crafters of invitations, menu cards and seating plans they’d want to take home.

LAMB is based in Johannesburg where we locally source beautiful cardstock for you and take care of all the intricate details when creating your wedding or event stationery. Our products can be shipped anywhere in South Africa or you can have the option of ordering a digital version

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